Well, it is almost 12:30 am and I just finished re-working this site for a simpler, greener frontage. I am quite poor on design but I love the color  green, it reminds me of all the wonderful years I spent as a child in farm lands. Right now, I am not  exactly sure what to update you with as far as this site is concerned. It is utilizing joomla and the longer I get immersed in IT school the easier I find working on it. Yes, I am now in the middle of back-to-school midlife crisis :) and I went for the big IT degree, not because of a desire to change career but to enjoy what I do like to do everyday. Which is working on computer programs and web sites. It is a very busy and tired life, mind you, this one I have, because on top of this 'hobby' I work full time (more than full time sometimes) so I take the most out of little time I have to study and indulge in this web design/development interest.

Right now, I have taken a summer course in .net component (don't ask) and i just spent the last two days working on my first assignment. I recently finished java and as as consequence, I played with android and am about done with my first self-learning app. Now I am practicing on this joomla thingy and eventually progress to magento and drupal (these are pre-designed web development tools, they still teach me how to 'share' a pre-designed web site). I know there is a big difference between owning a pre-fab house compared to building the house myself but I find it very educational and easy and fun. I cold not believe I am almost done with schooling.

As far as work-out is concerned the only thing I could share is that I did not gain weight and the not so good news is the irregularity of my work-outs nowadays. I am still running (that is something I won't totally drop or I will suffer) but the runs I do now are more or less recreational, meant to maintain the status quo health rather than improve PR or run faster and more.

And yes, I am still into researching on the latest approaches on diet, exercise, rest, these are all 'musts' to live a good life. And so far, I am learning, and perhaps that will be shared in another blog.

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