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Well, it is almost 12:30 am and I just finished re-working this site for a simpler, greener frontage. I am quite poor on design but I love the color  green, it reminds me of all the wonderful years I spent as a child in farm lands. Right now, I am not  exactly sure what to update you with as far as this site is concerned. It is utilizing joomla and the longer I get immersed in IT school the easier I find working on it. Yes, I am now in the middle of back-to-school midlife crisis :) and I went for the big IT degree, not because of a desire to change career but to enjoy what I do like to do everyday. Which is working on computer programs and web sites. It is a very busy and tired life, mind you, this one I have, because on top of this 'hobby' I work full time (more than full time sometimes) so I take the most out of little time I have to study and indulge in this web design/development interest.

Right now, I have taken a summer course in .net component (don't ask) and i just spent the last two days working on my first assignment. I recently finished java and as as consequence, I played with android and am about done with my first self-learning app. Now I am practicing on this joomla thingy and eventually progress to magento and drupal (these are pre-designed web development tools, they still teach me how to 'share' a pre-designed web site). I know there is a big difference between owning a pre-fab house compared to building the house myself but I find it very educational and easy and fun. I cold not believe I am almost done with schooling.

As far as work-out is concerned the only thing I could share is that I did not gain weight and the not so good news is the irregularity of my work-outs nowadays. I am still running (that is something I won't totally drop or I will suffer) but the runs I do now are more or less recreational, meant to maintain the status quo health rather than improve PR or run faster and more.

And yes, I am still into researching on the latest approaches on diet, exercise, rest, these are all 'musts' to live a good life. And so far, I am learning, and perhaps that will be shared in another blog.

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This is a website geared towards news and articles pertaining to the health of man. Health  is a broad term that involves everything from physical to social to cultural to psychological to intellectual to spiritual to emotional  and even financial health. That is what this website will focus on. It won't be limiting itself to  one aspect of life. Lord knows how many 'healthy' info is available in the net right now saturating the earth - though sadly - it hardly affects the nation's population. I feel that our approach to health is wrong. And that is what this web site will try to figure and find a solution to.

For anyone who feels he or she has good ideas about health (as broadly defined in above paragraph) you are more than welcome to share it. Though I, as the web master/editor reserve the right to edit/accept/reject the article if it does not conform to the nature of this site. This website is mainly for information purposes and it assumes no responsibility to any damages caused by misinterpretation/misjudgment of the information here. It is always prudent to double check facts and most importantly consult the appropriate professional if you have any issues that deal with your health. This site does not offer any therapeutic solutions to health problems. Its purpose is simply informative, nothing more and nothing less.

For a start the articles are short and direct to the point. They are largely picked out from different sources which will be promptly referenced to or acknowledged whichever is appropriate. It will also be a venue for many to communicate through web their announcements or comments or messages to their communities or groups. It can also be a venue to discuss and even promote one's services or business.  As a precaution however, it is important to be careful with announcing plans as there may be others outside your group who may read it. Be wary of lurkers and false professionals. Always double check with proper venues or authorities when dealing with businesses or professionals.

To begin participating, you must create an account in the log - in at the home page. Then proceed from there. From time to time, I will revise these protocols or guidelines.


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