Yeah, one of the things I need to look at right now is how to minimize the clutter in my life. Looking into  my room, I have accumulated junks that may have been valuable at the time of their acquisitiion but their values diminished through time. Things get old and their sparkle fade. Say magazines, for example. When off the press, they are hot but once a week or month older they can be irrelevant (except in some cases). Right now, on top of my desk,  are two issues of Runners World and one isssue of Triathlete. I've been meaning to read them and make quick comments or generalizations or reviews. But between my 6 day job and night school and training for running, whew, they stayed on top of my desk under the pile of other junks that by now, I hardly knew their presence until I decluttered my table. So - let me begin by saying this: The issue of Trithlete for September has a wonderful little insert sponsored by (Powerbar) entitled Sports Nutrition for Triathlon. There is no earth shaking findings or info from this insert. It states the same thing every runner or tirathlete knows. Key Principles of Sports Nutritiion  are 1. Hydration 2. Fueling before and during exercise 3. Optimal recovery afterwards. Here is one fact: Your regular calorie reserve is most probably 2,000 and an Ironman triathlete will likely burn 8,500 to 11,500 calories.

So go figure how to provide that fuel during the grueling race. Under-carbo can lead to the 'wall' or you 'bonk'. So get some ways to provide the much needed calories during your race.

Also, "Dehydration is the single largest contributor to fatigue when training or racing "  (Sports Nutrition for Triathletes - Triathlete magazine).

Oh, like we don't know that yet. Tell me about it! But kidding aside, most runners or tirathletes must have developed a routine now for their trainings. This supplement insert in Triathlete magazine may be valuable to a beginner. And I totally agree about hydration and dehydration. Maybe soon, I will feature signs and symptoms of dehydration and how to prevent it.