run) for very short intervals, then stretch and walk and do geisha run(3 miles)

The third run was geisha followed by walk, did approximately 4 half mile intervals mildly longer in strides and a little faster followed by mini-stretches and walks (5 miles)

Two days non-running.

The fourth run was started with slow jogs to warm up, then walk and stretching, 6 intervals of half miles at a pace of 4-5 minutes, followed by walks and stretches, the remaining were jogs and walks (6.5 miles)

Resting day due to soreness (note that I did intervals in mulch trail)

The fifth run was started now with very short  intervals(1-2 minute each)  and  slower (5-6 minutes) and this was not measured. Watch was left behind so I played these intervals to my liking or feeling. Nothing fast in this session,  did slow jogs of longer distances from half mile to a mile(5 miles).


My response so far? Increased leg soreness of course,  and sadly, no weight loss yet. But I feel less haggard, more bouncy and rested. Actually my soreness is tolerable and as of today I was able to increase my jogging distance without stopping in a mile. I’d see how I’d feel tomorrow.

I attended a 3 hour Discrete Math lecture today. All these mathematical induction is exhausting my brain.