Once I felt the cold departing, I restarted my running:

Saturday 24, walk 3 miles

Monday 26, run-walk 3 miles

Tuesday 27, run-walk: 1st mile 11:28, 2nd mile 10:24, 3rd mile 10:22, .60 mile cool down 6:50. A lot of STRETCHING in between. Total 3.6 miles


On my mind: I am re-starting my running af 1 week of stoppage due to cold. Unsure if this is already the right time to re-start. So far, things are looking good.


I will treat myself as if I were my own pt in PT. Noticed super tightness in hamstrings, I employed very small strides (painful with bigger strides).  Staring  at my  morning shadow, my belly appeared more protruded (bad). I was having SOB (shortness of breath) at below 11 pace per mile,  meaning, I have lowered endurance level since I stopped running for a long long time.

Today is Wednesday, off-running  day.