john prince lake

Running in John Prince Lake, Lake Worth, Fl


Yes, my free days are back. I can  return to my days of running and re-learning things I used to love learning. It is rebooting time. But how and where exactly should I start? The two main  areas I believe I am well versed at  are Health and Computer Programming.


As far health is concerned, I have this dream of  creating an exhaustive database  about health self-management in my mind. As far as computer programming is concerned, I must continue learning because programming is very fluid so I need to keep studying computer languages because what I know today will easily be outdated tomorrow. Besides, it will keep my dementia at bay.


These are the two main goals I need to focus on. And under  these  goals, there are a few corollary goals. First, health self-management begins with my own body. I can read and do research on health and injuries and rehab all  I want but if my body is not healthy, it would be a shame and a great hypocrisy to claim self-expertise.


Second, I should start doubling my computer programming skills and the best way to accomplish this is constant practice and learning. In this case, I should look for other and better avenues of learning. Universities are overrated.


So these are the main goals I have for now and I am sure there will be lots of diversions that will prevent me from reaching them. But I will try my best.


As a PT, I am well trained when it comes to establishing goals. I should apply my skills in my personal goals.


So my question now is - What exactly do I want as far as my health is concerned?


That is a loaded question and it requires a not so simple an answer. I want to -


1) Be healthy

     a) free of diseases

     b) able to function normally throughout the day

     c) enjoy a good quality of life which means doing all my daily tasks without limits and pain

     d) be active

     e) enjoy a lot of leisure

      f) no stress

      g) enjoy sexuality if it beckons

2) Enjoy food and good nutrition

      a) find and consume the food that I truly  love

      b) remain within my ideal weight (while enjoying abundant food)

      c) utilize safe and useful supplements if necessary

      d) never to feel hungry

      e) maintain balanced and nutritious food

3) Perform my daily work or job without feeling fatigued, stressed or below standards

      a) land in a job or multiple jobs  that I truly love

      b) become a specialist and expert in my chosen field of work

      c) increase my concentration and focus by avoiding too much distractions and procrastinations

4) Work on social responsibility

      a) create web sites/apps  that will help people understand health and how to deal with it

      b) be information-driven and responsibility-driven,  not money-driven in sharing information

      c) be nice to people around me

      d) be involved in public programs/activities that strengthen communities and people

5) Spend more time for spirituality

      a) consider that prayer and contemplation, in any form, is a form of relaxation

      b) accept my limitations as a human being and give up to the Supreme things beyond my control

      c) constantly strive for calmness, solitude, avoid unnecessary internal and external conflicts

      d) always invoke the power of Higher Force when things get rough and beyond my own capacity

      e) accept Fate and Destiny as part of one’s existence


Time frame for these goals? Lifetime.

Next Big Question:  How to achieve and maintain these goals?