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(This will be an ongoing article)

I finally got my third lab result in a span of nearly one year. Everything in it is good news. My cholesterol, sugar and everything else has turned into normal values. But this was not based on a hunch or  diet programs being promoted out there. It was  based on medical, dietary, physical consultations. I am pretty sure of my findings because they are my evidence to whatever claims I will be making  from now on.

First, in achieving optimum health, diet or exercise can NOT work alone each.  They have to be together. In my experiment, dieting did not improve my numbers . Neither exercise alone. When I put the two together, they worked on me like magic.

My cholesterol alone, and this is without medication, has improved from 290s to 180's. (HDL 55, LDL 125)

My sugar also, considering I am diabetic, has improved from Hemoglobin A1C of 8.9 to 6.4. Without medication.

What I have done is two-fold - I kept on the work-out which I did regularly and reduced my carbohydrate loading significantly. For this I consulted lots of materials on physical activities, choosing those that can use up calories the most. Running and Swimming were the chosen ones. Then, after consultation with a friend and co-worker nutritionist Jeremiah, I was able to pick up the best food that is meant for me, and I  later studyied the effects of different foods on my sugar levels through blood sugar monitors.

I am sure many of my conclusions have already been published in different journals and articles out there but this is the first time I personally tested their veracity through my own body. And though I may show you my jubilation and happiness over my results, I would not fool you into thinking these were all accomplished very easily.

I have to make some important admissions first:  I love fruits and vegetables, I run half-marathons and train for them appropriately, I swim laps for an hour or so at a time. I work almost everyday. Occasionally, I falter in my disciplined routine and I go on binges but I make up for those days immediately.

So far, I have lost and maintained a 25 pound weight loss and have been on that weight for a year now.  Though I have increased my protein intake, I make sure I have fibers, veggies, fruits everyday.

As far as food  intake  is concerned, I follow the proverbial 'eat like a king in the morning, like a courtesan in the afternoon and like a pauper in the evening'.

All my carbs are loaded into me at breakfast and a little again at lunch. And then, if I can help it, I eradicate carbs from my dinner table before 7pm at nights. And this has nothing to do with weight loss program or dieting. It has something to do with my diabetes.



This may sound pure torture for some. Bitter melon from Asia requires an acquired taste but it is one of the greatest super foods in the world. And I can eat it in my own way.