Second, since I am looking forward to getting back to half marathon training, I’ve been working on running again since last month. As a rule, you always begin with long term warm-up (at least 6 weeks) prior to serious training to avoid injuries.


Third, in order for me to get more focused and gain regularity with my exercise/diet/relaxation routines, I invested in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo in Lake Worth, Fl which will be my man cave. In here, I can do what I want privately without  fear of being watched or disrupted or diverted by anybody or anything.  I avoid visitors as much as I can because I believe everyone should have a private cave like I do. Usually a garage will suffice but I don’t have it in my other place.


So, if you must know, I now can get out of my condo,  run straight to the beach and back anytime I want. At nights I can walk the same route (especially after dinner to control my blood sugar) and awesomely pass by lots of touristy establishments along the way.  I am surrounded by people when I walk. Which means, I can remain anonymous. This is pleasant because  I can be  paranoid in road running, afraid that a crazy driver would hit me  if I choose a regular sidewalk or road  in the dark. No need to worry about that now.


I have been living here for a month so far. I’ve been managing  at least 15-20 mile-runs total each week for the last month. I could not increase my mileage above that because I took a summer course in Math but as I have mentioned previously. But all Math is over now. I can’t find an excuse anymore  not to concentrate on health and running and dieting again.


Yesterday morning I  reached 9 mile total run.  That’s where I am now in my return to running. And it hurts walking today for 3 miles.