Did walking on incline with 5# around each ankle. Did some weight lifting (06/02/2011)

I have received the latest issues of journals from APTA (American PT Association) that features the latest PT concerns and issues. Allow me to summarize them:

PT in Motion in this issue is dealing with insurance coverage and some disparities among insurers in claim denials. It also mentions about the money saved with insurance high deductible plans but these get short on preventive measures (yeah, you save money now but you get sicker later because you aren’t aware of the bad things going on in your body). This is one area that I can get passionate about. The current health model we now have is more focused on curing instead of preventing diseases. All it takes really is educate people on what to do , what to eat, what symptoms to look for, and pay a closer look into their bodies. This is precisely what this website is trying to do in its very small way. People need to know everything about their health. Once people know how to handle their health, there will be less sickness and we save more money in health care. It is really that simple.

The PT Journal has also arrived in my doorstep and it features some topics close to my heart. Nowadays, the medical world is more into evidence-based paradigm and though most of us have already adopted certain workable theories in our daily lives, it is good to note that whatever ‘theories’ we have are proven by evidences. For this issue, the PT Journal presents evidence that osteoarthritis is best handled by exercise and weight loss. It also shows that light, non-impact exercises can increase the endurance capacity of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Another study proves that fat in between muscles is significantly reduced by increased activities (primarily walking)among diabetics. And of course, spinal cord injury patients with residual strength (I usually consider these as partial SCIs) show good potential to walk if they practice...taraaaan... walking.